Mission Statement: a work in progress

I wrote this in November 2007 to give shape to our thoughts.  At this point we didn’t know which we’d find first: a working community farm to join, or a piece of property which could be made available for others to join us.  The possibilities are endless, but this summary still holds.


Larry and I are looking for the next excellent situation, and we hope it will include people like you.  You may be interested in joining us, enlisting us, or passing the word on to other people we’d enjoy working and/or living with.

Here are some of the potential elements.  Doing all of them would be impossible, perhaps, but there are multitudes of great combinations.

We want to produce food for locals. This would include gardening, orchard and berry patch, farm fowl and/or  animals.
I like to herd goats for milk, meat, land clearance and weed control.
Larry likes to make wine and goat cheese.
Larry’s raised oysters for 25 years, and knows the trade.
We don’t use pesticides or herbicides.
I like bees, canning, food drying…

We’d like to find a community to share agrarian values and take care of the land.
We would like to establish a large legal community kitchen where small community events could be held, and where other farmers could also produce value-added products, such as jam or pickles. Maybe the space could also be used by caterers. Maybe we all meet there to can peaches…..
Maybe this large kitchen is part of a cohousing community, an affordable assisted living situation, a cafe,……
I like to play Old Time Music
When a number of people have a housing community it is possible to travel and still keep the home fires burning.
We could help you home school your kids or care for your elderly parents.

We’d like to build sustainable eco-friendly structures as needed, including solar, wind, composting toilets,  etc.
A cluster of dwellings around a big kitchen/bathhouse/meeting space is very appealing.
Larry has lots of construction experience and is an innovative designer.

We would rather put our small nest egg into the community than into an investment fund.
If we funded a wind-tower, our investment could be paid back over the years by people using the power. Same goes for a community kitchen.
We’d rather insure our health by eating great fresh wholesome food than by investing in the American health care industry.

Near other farmers.
Good soil.
In touch with progressive people.
Near moorage for Larry’s home-built 31 foot catamaran. (Vancouver Island, San Juans, etc., would work.)
Not dependent on an automobile; possible to move around by bike or by public transportation.
Any country.

We would like to be of service to our community.

We have  modest investment means.

We are bicyclers, natural builders, organic gardeners. Sandy is an artist and community organizer, auctioneer, musician. Larry designs bicycles for special needs people and is widely known in the field of composting toilets. We are about 60 years old and in great health.

We have been looking at property in the Centralia/Chehalis area, and in Oregon. This winter we’ll check out Costa Rica. In the Spring  we go to Turkey,  and then on to Eastern Europe by bike.  Maybe we’ll just live our this dream as itinerant farm help on an annual circuit; a month or two at each place so that the farmer gets time off once in a while, or has help for a project that doesn’t otherwise fit into the schedule.

How might you like to take part?  Nothing has to take place overnight. Maybe you already have such a place where we could add our energies. Maybe you want to create the new opportunity with us.

Sandy Bradley
P O Box 43
Nahcotta, WA 98637
360 665 2926

Compose a day as you would a poem. Give it rhythm, cadence, and meaning.


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