On the New Farm

December 13, 2008 update

Larry and I are now living both in Nahcotta (see ‘original WWOOFs posting’) and in Menlo (see ‘we found a farm’ posting.)

My sister Colleen Tuell got us a Toggenburg buck (goat) to please our receptive does. With the help of lots of friends, Larry built a great goat barn out of poles from the original homestead farm barn, and the goats love it. We hope we’ll be having kids in April, and the goats seem to be willing. That means Larry will be making cheese again this year!!

Larry also plans to build 2 greenhouses to produce vegetables year round. I’m planning a fenced orchard and berry patch maintained by chicken tractors and rotated cover crops.

We both enjoy being the stewards and grateful visitors to a wonderful forest. It’s a resource the local wildlife appreciate, as much of the surrounding area is mono-cropped conifers, clearcuts of various ages, and farm land. Our 100 acres is the best habitat around, and is a favored hangoug of porcupines, raccoons, elk, deer, cougars and coyotes. It will probably take us a good long time to learn to sustainably harvest what this varied terrain offers without inconviencing the current inhabitants. We’re in no hurry.

Today marked Larry’s first ride down our great long snowy hill on his new toboggan. We’re all born kids.



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