2009 WWOOFs farm description

Sandy Bradley and Larry Warnberg
31 Hurt Road, Raymond, WA 98577
blog: https://potluckfarm.wordpress.com/
sandy@potluck.com or sandybradley@pacifier.com

Our mission is to help our neighbors produce food locally and feed as many people as well as possible. In the past, we established two community garden plots and associated composting projects. We ordered 2500 pounds of seed potatoes and helped our neighbors plant them in their yards as a first step to a larger vegetable garden for each home. We established a non-profit chapter of Washington Tilth.

Formerly Nahcotta Vivero, on Oct 1 we bought 105 acres with a house and a barn in SW Washington. It’s described on the blog. We plan to experiment with alternative crops such as berries, artichokes and wild turkeys. Our special interests are goats and cheesemaking, and we are working toward cheese production. We raise chickens for meat and eggs. We design and build composting toilets, worm bins, composting projects, and livestock to enrich our soil. We plan to use renewable wind, solar and micro hydro energy.

From Jan 15 to November 15 we host WWOOFers in our house (2 bedrooms, bath, shared kitchen, etc.) and work with our volunteers on a variety of community oriented projects, such as building greenhouses, making cheese, developing local garden plots, raising poultry, composting and mulching, harvesting oysters and seaweed, drying and canning food, making wine and jelly. In the coming year we will be designing the greenhouses, gardens and orchards on 5-10 acres which is now pastureland.

WWOOFers will be well fed, and though we respect your dietary decisions, animals are part of our farm economy, and they are a significant part of our food supply. You will have access to a variety of bicycles, kayaks, sailing on the catamaran which Larry built, ocean beaches, wildlife refuges, and beautiful Willapa Bay.

Children are welcome, pets are not.
We speak English, German and Spanish, and play Old Time Music.


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    dru druzianich said,

    Hi Sandy,
    I have a few images I took of you a coupla years back while you were exhibiting at Folklife and I would be honored if I could drop them off in person this Tuesday while on my way to Long Beach for a two night stay and birthday celebration.
    I also thought of you as I was reading/reseaching info on Mike Seeger who crossed over Aug 7 at home in Lexington VA. I figured that you and Mike must have shared music in person sometime in your past.
    I have hosted Sunday Folks on kbcs since 1985.
    My family has business roots in South Bend with Bayview Lumber Company founded by Bob Bush, WW 2 Congressional Medal of Honor winner and SB favorite son, and my uncle Vic Druzianich. My dad Albert later joined them in the business at the “yard” in Cosy, aka, Cosmopolis. My mom was maid of honor and best friend to Wanda at Wanda and Bob Bush’s wedding.
    I would love to see your place and the idea of WWOOFers sounds wonderful.
    Dru Druzianich
    7004 7th Ave NW
    Seattle WA 87117

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