Goat Treats

Goat Treat Recipe

After making the wine from quince, berries, etc., we have lots of leftover pulp and seeds from the fruit. The plants went to a lot of trouble producing all those bioflavinoids, making protein for the seeds, etc., so i hate to see it go to waste, Don’t want my compost to re-seed wild blackberries, either.

So, I strain the pulp and seeds, add sea salt, and set like drop cookies on parchment paper and keep it over the woodstove or in the greenhouse to dry out crisp. They keep really well when dry, and the goats love them. I add well ground eggshells to boost the calcium in the batch I give to does around kidding time.

We get the sea salt by leaving glass jars of sea water in the top of the greenhouse. We get about 1.5 cups salt per 5 gallons of water. Since sea water has averaged out all the minerals in its brine, the trace minerals should be significant.


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