Eating the Whole Hog

Class: Monday, January 17 (MLKing Holiday) from 9-5 at our farm (below).

Brandon and Lauren Sheard will share their skills and enthusiasm as abattoirs, butchers, charcutiers and local food lovers.

Larry will slaughter a few days beforehand, and you’re welcome to attend that for free. Get in touch with Larry to figure out timing. (

The class will spend Monday taking the pig apart and learning how to make proscuitto, salami, anduille, roasts, ribs, bacom, lard, etc. Yum.

The class will be limited to 12 (including us), so you must sign up in advance. Lunch and dinner are included. $100 fee ($75 to the teachers, $25 applied to the fee we pay.)

If others would like to come and just enjoy the farm, they are welcome. Anybody want to help by taking on the kids for attending parents? Brandon and Laura have a 18 month old who’ll really enjoy the farm, I’m sure.

Do please let me know if you are interested. I’m so looking foward to it!



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