Come learn more about real food. Brandon and Lauren do a magnificent job of acquainting us with the many tasty aspects of pork. Do join us for the day! This is the last pig until next winter, at least!

February 6th: Pork Butchery in Raymond

We had so much fun during our January class in Raymond at Granny’s Farm we’re doing another one! Sunday, Feb. 6th at 9 o’clock, join us for a full pig carcass breakdown, complete with sausage making and other morsels of charcuterie: bacon, pancetta, black pudding, head-cheese, the perfect stock…

Our hosts at the farm, Sandy and Larry, outdo themselves with a complete lunch, fresh from their farm. Altogether the price for a ticket is $200, including a 20 lb. share of their farm-raised pork. The class is completely hands-on; you will chop your own chops and carve your own roasts.

Email farmsteadmeatsmith@gmail.com for details and sandybradley@pacifier.com for reservations.
Lauren and Brandon at Farmstead Meatsmith.

Sandy Bradley
31 Hurt Road
Raymond, WA 98577
360 942 0099



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