Letter To Farm Members Nov 2011

Hi Farm Members

Not being an accountant, this ‘bill’ may bear no relation to any bill in your past, but it is serving an important purpose.
It is helping me figure out the economy of the community, the farm, and the world.
A farm is a great place to develop that kind of sense, and that’s one of the big reasons I love it when you come here, whether to rest or to work. I want to offer that place, and I want the privilege of bringing you Great Food. GF will tell you the truth. It nods to the land, the farmer, the ethic, the connection. It tastes real on the tongue.

At any rate, as farmers we decided this was the year we had to start breaking even, and we’re getting closer.
As a business model, this plan is absurd. As a community model, it rocks.
While Larry and I contribute ongoing everyday farm work and $ through workshops, portable sawmill work, selling wool, working with neighboring farms, and of course juggling (picture that) our wonderful animals, and more…our goal as a CSA is to have our member support to the tune of covering 1/2 the feed bill.

In summary:
The ten of you bought into this plan, some for $100 earlier this year, and some for lots of labor, some both.

I connect you with as much meat as possible and throw in a few extra farm products, from wool to breadboards, wine and cheese, to pickles. Your check is about feeding the animals. There are ten of you, and collectively you got about half of the meat we produced. (We ate some and bartered some.) It would be good if the fees paid for 1/2 the animal feed. But some of you only got one small load of meat, and others much more than that. That’s where I don’t want to be an accountant, but rather ask you to figure out what works for you.

Total yearly feed bill: $4,475.38.
Here are two suggested calculating algorithms:
half the feed would be $2,237.69 / so 10 people equals $22380 each

If you want to tip the farmer or extend special blessings, or
If you feel like you got way more meat than that, or
If you compared ‘real’ prices and concluded that the amount of meat AND having part of a farm is worth more…
Then adjust that $number up.

If you only got one tiny portion, or
If you had a rough year, or
if I neglected to remember your birthday, or
you came to the farm and did a bunch of work
Then adjust your $number down.

Here are some random and approximate online prices for pastured or organic meat:
Beef $8/lb
Pork $8-15
Lamb $9-16
Capons $8/lb
Prices for farm-fresh produce of course also vary according to season.
It would take me a week to conjure up how much it costs to maintain all the systems that get jobs done on the farm, or to care for the animals, or our hourly value as workers, or any other way to do an accounting short of taking on a corporate financial bean counting department.

You may have to make several trips up and down to come up with the right number. It’ll feel right. I hope you feel you are collaborating in saving the world by eating well.

Then… email me with change/addition ideas for the coming year.
and, based on your calculations, send a check or suggest a barter.

and… plan a trip to the farm.
I love you.


Sandy Bradley
Granny’s Farm
31 Hurt Road
Raymond, WA 98577
360 942 0099



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