Ordering Fresh Chickens

This year we’ll again be raising  and selling pastured, GMO free chickens, whole, dressed, chilled. Turkeys, too. We have a license to raise, slaughter and sell them here on the farm. That means you get to  order them,  then come pick them up and visit at the farm. It’s like a giant “two-fer!” Woofers and friends alike swoon at the delicious meals that our fowl friends have provided us. You can too!

Here’s how you do it.

1. Think about what you want to order to eat fresh or freeze. Chickens and turkeys will be $4.25/pound. The chickens weigh 4-7 pounds each, turkeys are 15-25 pounds.

2. Fill out the Pastured Chicken Order Form. We’ve included a copy below so you can see what is in it. Make sure you  indicate the date(s) you want to come get the dressed birds. Put those dates on your calendar or under your handy refrigerator magnets!

3. Send in your completed form and deposit check to:

Sandy Bradley
31 Hurt Road
Raymond, WA 98577
360 942 0099
email: sandy@potluck.com

4. On the appointed day prepare by bringing a cooler and perhaps a  bottle of ice to keep them cool on the way home. We recommend that you hold them chilled for two days  before cooking or freezing.

5. Come and get ’em! We are at 31 Hurt Road, which is near Menlo. Take Hwy 6 and find Hurt
Road on the south side of the road between mileposts ten and eleven.

Thanks for supporting community agriculture!

Here is what the form looks like, in case you want to see it before you download the file!

Reminder Bit:

You ordered ________chickens/turkeys to pick up on _________________________.


Your Name ______________________________________

Address_________________________________________________________________ _



Date of pickup                         Number of
chickens                $25 deposit enclosed*

May 7-8                        ______                           _______

June 11-12                  ______                           _______

July 16-17                   ______                           _______

August 20-21               ______                           _______

September 24-25        ______                           _______

October 29-30             ______                           _______

November 19 TURKEYS      ______                           _______

TOTAL DEPOSIT ENCLOSED:                                  _________

Signature_______________________________________________________________ __
*If you do not  pick up your chilled chickens on the appointed day,
you forfeit the deposit.


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  1. 1

    sandybradley said,

    We’ve stopped raising Cornish Cross and will switch to a local supplier in the spring. He is not sure what he’ll have yet, but probably Delewares or Freedoms. They have lots of pasture here. I’ll have an email list so i can let everybody know a week or two out when I’ll have chickens. It doesn’t make sense to try to get them to conform to our schedule. They’re ready when they’re ready, and we’ll update everybody, meaning buyers and the state inspector. Let us know if you want to sign up.

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